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October 2, Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase. "Phantom Train" is the second book in the Kevin Traynor series. "Torch in the Night," the first book, struck.
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After this exciting gambling break we would return for a dance set - but by pm the dancers would call it a night since they had to work the next day. Being so used to the long drives, long gigs and late nights back in Canada, it was hard for us to wind down so suddenly and every night found us driving around looking for some place which might still be open - we met some very colourful characters on these midnight rambles.

The audiences attended these clubs every night of the week and had seen it all, so it was especially rewarding to 'go down a bomb' It was tremendously exciting to study the dressing room walls which were festooned with pictures, cards and stickers left by previous entertainers - even the Beatles, early in their careers, had toured this circuit. These backstage walls were seldom refurbished since it seemed that the more 'name' acts displayed, the more prestigious the club. Perhaps the most fascinating venues though, were the Country and Western Clubs where nearly everyone showed up in full Western regalia - including boots, hats, gunbelts Our strangest and perhaps most memorable night occurred at Scarth - a village in Yorkshire.

Throughout the tour, we spent most mornings and afternoons being tourists - traipsing through castles, cathedrals, and pubs and across highlands and moors. We visited his veterinary office and toured his small museum just down the street. It was a s pavilion-style hall. Our opening act for the night arrived late - surrounded by an entourage of people in formal wear. He was a singer who had been married just a few hours before in Newcastle. This set the mood for the whole evening - the place seemed to explode and although the club should have been emptied by , the management barred the doors to keep out the local constabulary and the party continued into the wee hours.

When Sue-On wearied of the drums, a succession of people - our agent, the bartender and even the groom - took control of the sticks. Something right out of the fictional Darrowby. The ensuing telephone conversation clinched the deal as they swore that their studio was always cool and their previous cliental included such clean-cut groups as the Sex Pistols.

On the first day of the session we lugged our gear down to Bromley Station in Kent and boarded a train that took us to Charing Cross, London. We sweated across to Trafalgar Square where we hailed a cabbie who mistakenly drove us half-way across London because he couldn't cut through our 'Canajun' accents. Eventually, we found the Soho studio In stunned amazement we dragged our equipment through a sidewalk manhole and down a ladder into a dark, damp This is a book that needs to be promoted to kids everywhere, to give them inspiration and hope that their voices will be heard.

We've all heard of a herd of cows and a flock of sheep, but what is a group of giraffes called? A murder of crows is a common trivia answer, but what about a mischief of mice? Exploring collective nouns is always fun and in this book the ringmaster and the monkey investigate 64 of them opening up a menagerie of creatures for little ones to learn and perhaps wonder about and perhaps research their validity. A parliament of owls? That could either be flattering to some parliaments or insulting to some owls! Berger has used her skills of making cut-paper collages to create fascinating illustrations and tying the collection together with the ringmaster and the monkey makes it a bit more engaging than the usual word book, especially the final pages!

One that will encourage small groups to share and delight in, and perhaps try to make up their own. Would a group of koalas be called a cuddle?

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Or a group of cockatoos a squawk? Dorling Kindersley, In the inimitable way that DK publishing has to present complex information in a readily accessible way, this book that covers the breadth of science understanding is a wonderful example of publishing. Robert Winston has distilled some very difficult concepts into easily digested morsels of detail that a young reader will be able to grasp.

The illustrations are also incredibly clear and photographs are big, bright and colourful. Complex experiments to reveal what is happening in science are photographed and annotated with clarity. The final sections in the book also explain basic science measurement, procedures, classification and some charts and general explanations. This book was a joy to read. It clarified much detail that I had forgotten from my own science education and teaching, but would make a wonderful book for those beginning the journey of discovery in science.

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It could certainly by recommended for a Library collection or to be given to a science enthusiast. Nothing in the book is too complex to leave out, because the author has made the complex into a bite-size chunk of detail that is easily consumed. Carolyn Hull. Cowboy and Birdbrain, book 2. Scholastic, Cowboy who is half boy - half cow and Birdbrain - a brain with bird features return in another wild and crazy story P.

S Fast and Reliable Tracking Services. The Boss is giving them one last chance to deliver a package to the 'middle of the ocean' by 8. Their mission is to take the fragile package to Herman the Hermit in his impenetrable house surrounded by booby traps and five levels of obstacles. Avoiding the flying chainsaws, Snoozing Flowers of Death and electric fence takes skill and daring! Herman's booby traps are outrageous and funny, resulting in the friends coming up with some silly ways to outwit the hermit.

Birdbrain's often side-tracked by thoughts of completing a world record in some rather unusual categories, juggling chickens, sucking the most lollipops and completing the most spins on ice while a menacing shark swims under him! Author Adam Wallace combines slapstick humour, silly scatological acronyms, repetitive banter and cast of unique characters with their crazy antics to make a laugh-out-loud read.

James Hart's cartoon graphics showcase the madcap situations that Cowboy and Birdbrain find themselves in. The P. Melbournestyle Books, Animology: The big book of letter art alphabeasts by Maree Coote Every part of me's a letter! Does that help you find me better? Look very closely - can you see The hidden letters that find me? Sometimes letters may repeat To make more eyes or fur or feet Look back-to-front, Look upside down, Every letter can be found!

This is one of the most unusual books I've reviewed for a long time and one of the most fascinating. Paired with an informative verse about its subject, each illustration is created by using the letters of the creature's name and the reader is challenged to find each one. From the vibrant mandrill on the front cover, the challenge is set to take a journey through the natural world discovering everything from swans to budgerigars, all cleverly constructed from their letters. Readers have to examine the details in each illustrations, honing their visual acuity skills amongst others, as Coote has had fun with fonts, their shapes and sizes to tease even the most discerning eye.

One for those boys who like to gather round the same book and test themselves. And having got the concept by looking, students can then be challenged to try for themselves, remembering that they not only have to spell the name correctly and use all the letters, but make the finished design resemble the creature!!

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A significant step up from the usual look-and-find books for younger readers. Andersen Press, To celebrate Elmer's 30th birthday, there is a new story called, appropriately, Elmer's birthday.

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Hoping to get their own back on him, the elephants decide to play a joke on Elmer on his birthday and spend the day getting all the other animals on board. But who has the last laugh? Great for teaching children about elephants, the animals of the jungle, colour and patterns, as well as the themes of each story, I believe little ones have not had a real education if they don't meet Elmer.

These two are going straight to my version of the pool room! Thirty years ago I discovered a lovable character that has been an integral part of the lives of the very young students I've taught and my grandchildren - a patchwork elephant called Elmer. Every time his creator David McKee offered a new story, it was in my hands and in the ears of the nearest children.

So now, to have a collection of the five earliest stories in one volume is heaven on a stick for such a fan. Featuring Elmer , Elmer and the rainbow , Elmer and the lost teddy , Elmer in the snow , and Elmer's special day , just five of the 27 stories in the series, the little patchwork elephant who likes to play jokes on his friends but is always compassionate and helpful, is set to make a whole new generation of fans, as parents discover this childhood favourite all over again. When Hercules spies a magic kit in the shop window, he falls in love. All the way home he asks his Aunt Alligator questions about the cost and how he could buy it.

At last they decide that he can do some odd jobs for his neighbours, a very unusual mix of people. Upstairs lives an extended family of very hairy elks, while nearby live the turtle brothers, and an octopus lives on the floor below.

'Can't Buy Me Love' actress Amanda Peterson dead at 43

Under Mr Calamari in the cold dark cellar, lives Queen Claude who is rarely seen. Hercules makes a lovely sign and puts it in his window, advertising his abilities and finds a sock to put his money in when he begins to work. Surprisingly Professor Calamari knocks on the door. He has a most unusual job for Hercules: to take his rose petals and cast them out over the heads of people as they walk by.

When the bucket is empty, Hercules is given his money plus an orphaned tadpole as a gift. Next he hears from the Elk family wanting a babysitter. This job is much harder as the elk toddler is full of energy, and just when Hercules lies on the couch, Queen Claude asks him downstairs as she has lost her ping pong ball. Then the turtle brothers want him to sing a wet and dry song to help with their laundry.

His sock is filling with ten cent pieces, and though it is not enough to buy the magic box from the shop, some real magic happens in front of his eyes. Joyner's gloriously funny illustrations keep the story alive as we see inside Hercules' home and those of his neighbours. Each is individual, reflecting the character of the tenant, showcasing the variety of people who may live in an apartment block. Readers will love pointing out the myriad of objects depicted on each page, and delight in the characters of each of these unusual tenants. A warmth of family and friendship over-arches the story, reminding the reader that family does not mean the nuclear family shown so often in books, but can be as wide and various as the people around us.

In the background some mathematical deduction happens with readers asked to think about Hercules' problem and and the work Hercules must do to earn a few cents, while children will be intrigued by the variety of animals shown. Greenwillow Books, When she touches someone, Lexi can see when they are going to die and she can also see the ghosts of people around her.

This means that she has to isolate herself and the only person she is close to is her grandfather, who also has this psychic ability. When she touches Jane, a young person full of life, outside the club one night, and sees her terrible death, a dire chain of events is put into place.

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Jane reappears as a ghost, her throat cut, full of revenge and insists that Lexi helps her find her murderer. I picked up Missing, presumed dead , after really enjoying Devils unto dust , and for much of the story I was fully engaged.

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Lexi is a complex character, lonely and almost friendless, afraid to touch anyone as she will see how they will die. She works in a nightclub, Elysium, for Urie, who gathers together people who have psychic ability, but because of her ability she is unable to go to school or improve her poverty stricken life.

I had expected a mystery story with ghosts thrown in and this was true for most of the book, but the relationship between Lexi and Jane overshadowed the mystery and the ghost story so for readers who are expecting either a ghost or mystery as the focus, they may be slightly disappointed. However those who enjoy a story with relationships as the main theme will be happy with this combination of an unusual friendship, horror and mystery.

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Pat Pledger. Nosy Crow, Ariana and Whisper. Imagine a school where you meet your own unicorn and have amazing adventures together! That's what happens for the girls at Unicorn Academy on beautiful Unicorn Island. There are 12 books in the series some still to be released , the latest being Ariana and Whisper. Written for younger independent readers, the series appeals to those for whom unicorns remain a fascination and who dream of having their own one day, a fascination that shows no signs of abating.